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Plan with me: November (Bullet Journal)

Hi all! I already have my bullet journal since August, but I decided to share with you from now on how it looks like.

I still am a beginner, so bear with me! The experimental stage is still going on and, I think, will never go away when you work with a bullet journal. It is just because there are so many ways to organize your journal. Sigh! Now, below you can find how I organized my journal for November.

bulletjournaloutsideFirst of all, I use a squared Atoma A5 format. This makes it very easy to swap pages around. When a log does not work like I imagined it, I could also remove it easily without having to deal with ragged edges of paper. Honestly, until now I have not had to do that.

Off course there was already more in my journal, like this year overview (or calendex I suppose they call it?). Also, a birthday calender, future log, monthly logs of August, September and October and their weeklies and even the dailies. I did not continue to use the dailies because they were too time-consuming. (There goes the purpose of a bullet journal!) If you wish to see my other monthly and weekly logs, let me know and I will do a flip through.


For the monthly log of November I chose to use 2 pages. On the left I wrote the birthdays of the month and below that my to do-list. I like a lot of space for my to do-list so I can stuff it if necessary. On the right page there is an overview of the month. One column is for personal stuff, the other for work-related stuff. Although I also have a bullet journal for work, I like to have my appointments for work also written in my personal journal. That way I do not have to switch back and forth between these two journals during the day. My work bullet journal comes with me when  I am working and the personal one stays home. I should admit, it takes a little bit of extra effort to put all those appointments in both journals, but it is definitely worth it! If you want to look at my work bullet journal, you can click here.

I do not use a theme to pimp up my journal per month, but it is an idea I like to consider for the month of December. Maybe a snowflake-theme, or obviously Christmas-theme? We will see…


On to the trackers: on the left side I use a vertical tracker. I just like to track almost everything. It is like you are your personal investigator. On the right, there is a page committed to the trackers of my calorie intake and amount of steps taken per day. This is the first time I do it this way. I used to track my sleep, just like my all time favourite bullet journalist Boho Berry. But I noticed I did not feel the urge to do that this month. So excited for this one tracker with both the calories and the steps!


Last but not least, the weekly log!

I use two columns again, but this time for appointments with a clear time starting point and events that can take the whole day long or that have a vague starting point. On the right page I write some to dos for that week.

Hopefully you enjoyed my setup and I will see you soon!


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